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by Peter C. Mackeonis


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Amrit Kahn, the down-and-out ex founder of the global social media company ZEN, hacks into the company's banking software and programming ATM's to give away $20 bills to the poor in the San Francisco's Mission District. He discovers that ZEN has a marketing pact with the government to create and maintain 'shadow' profiles on every American citizen and that the president plans to expand the program to blackmail the world's most influential, by ZEN hacking their communications to track their nefarious activities.

The story line includes freelance hackers, Russian lobbyists, assassins, interrogations by Homeland Security, the FBI and Britain's MI6, in Silicon Valley, the Caribbean and the Vatican.  There are no winners.


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mackeonis, CALIFORNIA 20-20, FREEFALL,Shadow Profile, espionage, facebook, social media

With Amrit in government detention, and Anna Eisenberg now running ZEN's multi-billion-strong social network, she cancels ZEN's federal data contracts, and becomes involved with the Governor of California, who is being manipulated by a Latina socialist firebrand, to turn California into America's first socialist paradise.

California 20/20, using the Libre, ZEN's global cybercurrency, that no longer relies on the banking industry or any Federal Reserve, is to provide free  where housing, health and welfare services to the unemployed, the homeless and undocumented workers.

However, Anna's world starts to become unglued when powerful forces decide that California is in danger of breaking away from the Union. 

 AVAILABLE  Nov 1, 2019 CH 1

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mackeonis, CALIFORNIA 2020, FREEFALL,Shadow Profile, espionage, facebook, social media


Spring 2020

Spring 2020  

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